Five Gadgets Every Music Lover Needs

With the rise of new technology within the past decade, there has never been a better time to be a music lover. With the type of gadgets out on the market these days, you can create, listen, and record music from virtually anywhere in the world via bluetooth and wifi connection. It’s is a pretty amazing time to be alive, I would say. Here are five gadgets that every music lover needs to fully experience the power of sound!

1. Focal Utopia Headphones

Every music lover obviously needs their own perfect set of high quality headphones. Look no further than Focal Utopia headphones. Focal is an amazing French audio company that takes hi-fi sound to the next level by using only the best These top of the line headphones were built so that you can listen to your favorite tunes with ultimate clarity and extreme detail. Focal Utopia headphones are highly reviewed and respected in the music world. Yes, the price is quite scary – but to any music lover who appreciates an unwavering bass response and the best sound quality possible, these magical headphones are well worth the high-end price.

2. Audio Technica AT-LP60BK with Bluetooth

Vinyl is back and better than ever. There are such things as bad turntables out there, that can seriously damage your precious records. So, making sure you get the proper one is key if you want your vinyl collection to survive. But, there are also many new high-quality turntables being made each year, so finding the right one (that is also affordable) is pretty difficult. Audio Technica resoundingly has made the most reliable and trusted turntable on the market. The Audio Technica AT-LP60BK is both affordable and automatic! The great thing about this particular model is that it comes with Bluetooth, so you have the option to wirelessly connect your speakers to your turntable! With this turntable, you’ll want to spend every night in your cozy house listening to your favorite tunes with the purest quality!

3. Spire Studio

If you are a musician then this gadget is for you. Say goodbye to having to use your iPhone to record all of your sessions! Spire Studio is a portable device that allows you to professionally record your music with just one simple touch. Inspiration can strike anywhere, so why not be able to easily professionally record anywhere too? With the touch of one button, Spire will record your sound and wirelessly sync it to your phone instantly. You can plug your microphone and guitar straight into the device, and play away! Once the recording is complete, you can edit, trim and add effects like reverb, delays and amp models. Once your song is complete, you can then share it straight from the app with all of your friends. Recording quality music has never easier or more accessible. Take the Spire Studio to your live shows, on camping trips or on the beach to record your next song!

4. Vibes Earplugs

Ear health is something that music lovers seem to ignore. But, it is a serious issue and listening to a lot of loud music will inevitably damage your hearing. We all have that one music loving friend who can’t even go to concerts anymore because their ears are destroyed from too many loud nights.. Protect your precious ears so you can attend shows until you are old and gray! Vibes earplugs are specifically made for shows and festivals so you can keep your ears safe from harmful levels of noise, without taking away from the quality of the music! People seem to have a negative connotation about earplugs, because the ones they have seen in the past were bulky and neon colored and dorky looking. The cool thing about these specific earplugs is that they are transparent and comfortable to wear, so you can protect your ears without anyone even noticing. If you attend a lot of concerts and festivals, these are worth the investment.

5. Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 Pocket Synth

If you are looking to dabble into making beats, this synth is perfect for beginners! The OP – 1 Pocket Synth is an all-in-one portable synthesizer, controller, recorder and sampler. It’s award winning compact design and physical interface was designed specifically for any level sound master to be able to create endless sound possibilities without the burden of a complicated workflow. The OP – 1 is your dream musical sketchpad that completely reimagines what musical instruments are. Teenage Engineering certainly thought of everything when it comes to this synthesizer because it even comes with a FM radio. It is so sleek that you can easily take it anywhere you go to create and record! Experimenting and creating music will be easy and fun, all you have to do is plug in and play!


Between having killer headphones, a smooth sounding turntable for your records, and the best earplugs on the market to keep your ears from being destroyed at concerts – you will be set for a long, happy life filled with nothing but the sweet sounds of high quality music. If you are looking into creating music of your own, the portable recording studio and synthesizer is all you need to start dipping your toes in the water! There are new gadgets hitting the market each year, and the audio world is constantly finding ways to improve. Despite the constantly changing world, these products are built to last which is why you should certainly keep these gadgets in mind for the music lover in your life!

What are your favorite high quality audio products? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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