What Are the Benefits to 3D Models?

Technology has changed just about every facet of our lives. It is probably just a matter of time before we are all in self-driving cars and have microchips implanted in our brains so we are live walking and talking Google machines. One of the best things going for new technology in the manufacturing and design world is the use of 3D advancements.

Virtual Reality

If you have worn those 3D goggles that are immensely popular recently, you realize what the possibilities are. Many of the ones are used for gaming purposes, allowing the user to do anything and just about anywhere. If you have never experienced skiing down a mountain or jumping out of an airplane, throw on some of these 3D gaming goggles and you will experience it from the safety of your home. It seems there is about everything on or off planet earth that can be encountered with virtual reality.

3D Modeling

If you work in the business world, you could speak firsthand how 3D modeling has changed presentations for the better. You no longer have to look at simulated pictures of architectural design or manufacturing blueprints. Now, you can create an actual mini-structure with multidimensional views. In the construction field, it is rare nowadays that 3D images are not supplied before construction begins. In special cases, they actually have a model of the entire structure. Remember when an architect had to sit down at their drafting table and draw everything out on paper? Think of Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch. It is common for them now to never even touch a pencil. They can create everything they want through a computer program without having to get led smudges on their hands.


If you have a need to create 3D images and models for yourself or your business, SolidWorks MBD is a software program that integrates this latest technology. You can use Solidworks MBD to define and organize 3D dimensions for manufacturing and include 3D model data in PDF form that can be shared instantly with others.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Never has this saying been more true than when looking at a 3D image or video of something you want to learn more about. Being able to offer up 3D images that jump off the page or the screen is simply much better than 2D images that are plain and flat on paper.


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